She LEARNS about SEX

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Love 2 years ago
My daddy and mommy taught me this way and it was the best experience of my life!
I believe 1 year ago
I believe that this is how it should be in every family someone show in the family
Ohiowhore 1 year ago
I learned to fuck from my parents. I miss those days. Dad eating my unused pussy while mom sucks his dick and I eat her pussy. Daddy having me sit on his dick as mom guiding it. Him showing me how he rammed mom's pussy as he ate mine...mmm
1 year ago
Mummy’s a wonderful teacher and you can tell from the smile on her face that she’s so proud of her daughter.
2 years ago
The best
2 years ago
Fucking right don't take the pussy just ask when theyof age you can get it. You would be surprised
10 months ago
My dad had aways been wild and he liked to explore wild things. He let's me fuck my mom. I treat her like a slut, slap her pussy, call her names, suck the hell out of her boobs and fuck her in every position I want. Dad enjoys watching it. Mom doesn't enjoy much as I'm her son, but she doesn't say anything because dad shuts her up. She just let's me use her as my sex toy.
Jon 11 months ago
My daughter love it
Jeeny 2 years ago
Wow.I want him
8 months ago
i wish my mommy and daddy taught me this way